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    Name Mukesh Kumar
    Location KOLKATA
    Qualification BDS
    Occuption Auditor (CAG), a Central Govt. Job and a part-time dentist on charity basis.

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    Name Harish Bairwa
    Location Atru
    Qualification MA Bed Polytechnic Ele.
    Occuption Self Employee

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    Vijay Kumar Bairwa

    Name vijay
    Location Nadauti
    Qualification Graduate
    Occuption Student

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Welcome To BAIRWA Samaj


My Dear Bairwa bandus to know more about our caste pl read the book of baba saheb named who were sudras.this is a only book which have a full details of the indian caste system.there are many question arises in our mind only the book is capable to answering the our i again request to all bairwa bandus pl read this book and find out the degarating the various castes in lower to lower castes.Dr Ambedkar had done very hard work to write the book.dear bairwa bandus the histry of bairwa caste is in progress.but the real geneology of bairwa are missing,the geneology of bairwa caste started from the matsya dynsty.who were sudras named bookis only book which has described about our genealogy in full details so we should read the above said book.i have read and find out that the geneology of bairwa caste came to know as-surya vans to reform in THE GREAT MATSAYA VANS,AND MATSYA VANS TO BAIRWA.IT WILL BE CONTINUE LETTER....

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