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    Suman bairwa

    Name Suman bairwa
    Location Jaipur
    Qualification 10

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    arvind bairwa

    Name arvind bairwa
    Location mangrol
    Qualification 12
    Occuption i am a chef

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    Name rajni
    Location ajmer
    Qualification Msc. Bed

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Welcome To BAIRWA Samaj

The BAIRWA are sometimes known as Berwa. The Bairwa are divided into different exogamous clans, namely Mehar, Jatwa, Marmat and Tatwara. They have little population but done significant role for soceity in all Fields.

Identity of the People

Alternate name :-

Berwa and Berwar or Birwar

Location :-

The Berwa are concentrated in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, UP and Other Parts of India

Language :-

They speak the Indo-Aryan language Rajasthani. Hindi is also spoken by them and they use the Devanagari script.

Religion :-

Holi, Diwali, Dassehra, Makar Sankrani. They have special reverence for Ram Dev, Beejasan, Inder Raja, Bhainrav, Jujhar, Teja and Paboo.

Occupation :-

Agriculture and the domestication of animals, Bairwa serve in government and private organizations. They are specially skilled in making mats and ropes.

Food :-

They are non-vegetarian but do not eat beef. Rice and wheat are the staple cereals taken.

Marriage :-

Adult marriage is practised and polygyny is allowed. Vermilion (sindoor), borla, hari kanthi, bangles (lac) and toerings are the symbols of married women.

Bairwa Samaj consisted of the Landonwers/Farmers/traders/cattle holders in today's Scenario. They are workin on Higher post in society likewise ENGINEERS, IPS, SCIENTISTS, DOCTORS and SOCIAL WORKERS etc.In Rajasthan they win elections in manyareas Rajasthan. In Rajasthan there are lots of MLA's and MP's who belongs to Bairwa Samaj. It Shows They are Progressive and Very respected in Society.They are follower of all hindu saints they have their own saint also. With the influence of Saints to be on the path of honesty,hard-work and peace. Many Bairwa's are working and dwelling in Foriegn Countries too like USA, Dubai,Kuwait etc. Today they are growing in Every Field of Society whether it is Education, Services or Business.