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    Name Shalini
    Location Delhi
    Qualification BA (Multimedia) + B.ED
    Occuption Prepering for service

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    Mahendra Kumar  Bairwa

    Name Mahendra Kumar Bairwa
    Location Dausa
    Qualification B.Tech
    Occuption Operation officer in HPCL

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    Sadhana Raman

    Name Sadhana Raman
    Location kota
    Qualification M.Sc chemistry,B.ed

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Welcome To BAIRWA Samaj

Bairwa Samaj consisted of the so exploited farmers-artisans in Rajasthan. Under influence of the teachings of Saints like Kabir, Ravidas and others, Bairwa Shiromani Baba Balinath Ji and the learned people led the way for Bairwas and exhorted them to live with self-respect at any cost. With the influence of Saints to be on the path of honesty, hard-work and peace, lots of Bairwa Samaj migrated from Rajasthan to Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and erstwhile Punjab for livelihood with self-respect. They worked hard encouraging their children for education and thus progressed peacefully.
Since long, the affluent sections of the society everywhere in the world exploited weaker-sections of the society. By hook of by crook, they ruled the latter and usurped the wealth for their own families. Also, they spread hatred against weaker-sections of the society.